“The former dispensary at No. 11 Walpole Crescent,…

which became a porter’s lodge, is now a private residence named The Old Dispensary.”*

*From the Lost Hospitals of London website:

the former Teddington and Hampton Wick Cottage Hospital

…By 1881 the area had a population of around 7,000 people and the Hospital Committee decided there was a need to provide out-patient treatment and a free dispensary.  Thomas Chappell therefore purchased a plot of land at the rear of the Hospital and presented it to the Committee as a site on which to build a dispensary.  The dispensary opened in May 1883, at a cost of £446.

In 1885 the Matron resigned and the Committee decided to replace her with a Matron, an Assistant Matron and a cook.

In 1892, when the local population had increased to 10,000,  the Hospital was extended.  It then had 10 beds, staffed by a Matron and 2 trained nurses.  Out-patients were charged 1s 6d (about 8p) for three weeks’ attendance.

In 1902 Thomas Chappell died and his family donated £580 to provide a new ward in his memory.

In January 1903 the dispensary was closed and converted into a porter’s lodge…”

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