Hampton Hill Dairy

From: Celebrating 150 Years of St James’s Church, Hampton Hill:

“In 1870, James and Sally Prewett sold their
farm in Gloucestershire and set up a dairy
in New Hampton at 55 High Street and an area behind the main building in what is now The Mews.
Sally’s sister Louisa was married to
Edward Roberts and they bought the dairy
in High Street Teddington in 1874, that had been established since 1819. Prewett’s dairy farm in Hampton Hill supplied both businesses.
Butter and cheese were made in both dairies.
Some of the Prewett’s employees were housed
in the dairy’s own houses in Holly Road.
Prewett’s Dairy later became part of the Job’s Dairy business and was re-named the Hampton Hill Dairy, the Hampton Hill Dairy being their branch number three. 55 High Street still bears the dairy’s name and is now divided into flats.
A second dairy, The Morden Dairy, was opened at 46 High Street when The Brewery Tap closed, sometime after 1907. It is now Concorde House.”

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