Bedford Park, London W4

Ruth Penney wrote in the Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 6 (1997):

“The first boxes were octagonal in shape, with the Fluted Pillar Box an early design. A few of these still exist and there are examples in Eton, Warwick and Malvern. Between 1866 and 1879, a hexagonal shaped box was produced, known as the Penfold (after the surname of its designer). These boxes are very attractive, having leaves and acorn decoration on the top, often gilded. There is a Penfold in W4. It is on the junction of The Orchard and Bedford Road, north of South Parade.”

Historic England: “This standardised design of 1859 was itself soon followed by a variety of new designs, notably the elegant hexagonal box, first seen in 1866, with a cap decorated with acanthus leaves designed by JW Penfold.”

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