The Green Man, Islington


“Listed as Green Man sometime after 1921 & by 1934. The pub is only named as the Old Green Man between the 1910 and 1921 directories, but is otherwise simply the Green Man.”

From: brewery

“Green Man, 144 Essex Road, Islington, London N1
A former Barclay, Perkins & Co. Ltd house. Original tiled panel revealed in 2020.”


“Greenman Street was named Greenmans Lane in the 1828 C&J Greenwood map, so is probably an old lane.

The site of the Green Man pub was apparently the site of the first Congregationalist Chapel in Islington. The chapel was built in 1744, and grew during the following decades as the congregation expanded. The lease on the building expired in 1865 and the chapel moved to a new location in River Street.

In March 1866, there was a license application by a George E. Muddyman, and a Mr Sleigh opposed the application as there were already many licensed houses in the district. The license was granted as the Peabody Buildings just behind the pub (which are still there) had recently been completed and were now occupied by “700 or 800 persons” and the Superintendent of the Peabody buildings stated that “all the tenants had signed the petition in support”.

So the Green Man pub probably dates from 1866, the occupants of the Peabody buildings behind the pub must have made up the majority of the pubs initial customers, and it was built on the site of the first Congregationalist Chapel in Islington. The pub must have originally been larger, as if you look at the photo, the Domino’s take-away occupies the ground floor of a building with exactly the same architectural features as the pub.”

Rogmi responded on 25.1.21:

Green Man pub
It appears that the pub has always been that size, with what is now Dominoes (144 Essex Rd) a separate entity. The building on the side of the pub (2 Greenman St) has almost identical architecture.

Looking at past OS maps, from 1871, 144 Essex Rd, The Green Man, and 2 Greenman St are shown as three properties. As The Green Man is numbered 144A Essex Rd, I assume that the Chapel was 144 Essex Rd and took up the space now occupied by all three properties. When the chapel was demolished, the three properties that replaced it being built by the same builder.”

2 thoughts on “The Green Man, Islington”

  1. As a child of 9 in 1961 I would come out if tins baths and buy bread and dripping from possible pie and mash shop that was in the white part of 144A but actually in Greenman Street. At school aged 14 my school mate David Frost dad ran the pub and they lived their.


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