82-88 Station Road, Hampton

From: The Changing Face of Station Road, Hampton (2014), by John Sheaf:

“Between 82 Station Road and The World’s End at No 88, was for a long time an empty plot, formerly part of the Warfield (a corruption of Warren Field). In 1954 plans were approved for a Girl Guide hut at the back of the plot. The hut was then built and still remains, although that part of the plot is now in an overgrown state. Later a Boy Scout hall was built on the front of the plot, fronting onto Station Road and the hall, occupied by the 1st Hampton Hill Sea Scouts, was officially opened in 1976 and remains in use.

The World’s End has been a part of Hampton life for a very long time. It was in existence in 1729 and probably before that. The original building may have been a cottage, but the evidence is not certain. At some time in the 19th century a single-storey extension was added to the front of the old building and in 1901 the Surrey Comet reported that other “extensive alterations are in progress at this old-established hostelry in Station Road”. In 1913 plans were submitted for rebuilding the pub and shortly afterwards land adjoining the World’s End was acquired for road widening. The plans for the new building were approved in Jan 1914. We know, from photographic evidence, that the new building was built immediately behind the single storey front extension of the old building and then the old extension was demolished. This had the effect of setting back the new pub building in line with adjacent properties, which enabled the road widening to be carried out.”

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