“So why not bake a sunshine cake/Of course it may keep your dreams awake”*

*from SUNSHINE CAKE From the film “Riding High” (1949)
(Johnny Burke / Jimmy Van Heusen).

From: Little Girl Blue (2010), by Randy L Schmidt:

“…”(Karen) was very, very career conscious,” recalls Olivia Newton-John. “It was very important to her, she took it very seriously and she took it personally. I’d always had relationships and boyfriends. To me, my career wasn’t the be-all and end-all of my life, but for her it pretty much was at that point.”…

…Guest stars on the television specials ran the gamut from legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Gene Kelly to Grade B stars including Jimmy and Kristy McNichol…

Hindsight reveals a number of poor choices in terms of scripts and scenarios. Given Karen’s history with an eating disorder, it was a bizarre decision by producers to stage one of her song sequences in a kitchen wearing an apron. “I’ve found over the years the best way to get a party going is to make sure that people have enough food to eat!” From there Karen went from appliance to appliance, all the while singing and dancing – and baking. “The reason we chose to have Karen in a kitchen environment was to present her to be more like one of the girls,” Jerry Jaskulski says. “We wanted to show her as a typical family member and make it easier for the women in the audience to relate to her. Prior to that they had only seen her singing and playing the drums. We all knew Karen had an eating problem, but no one ever thought it would end so tragically.”…

…reviews for Christmas Portrait were overwhelmingly positive. “They’ve synthesised everything to ever come out of Sunset Boulevard at Yuletide into two sides of a perfect piece of plastic,” wrote James Parade of Record Mirror. “[I]t will bring you Disney, Snow White and her snow, whiteness whiter than white…”…”

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