‘I just saw the sort of civilised movie you used to make,’ *I ventured once, ‘Mr and Mrs Bridge…

Wikipedia: “*David Herbert Shipman (4 November 1932 – 22 April 1996) was an English film critic and writer, best known for a trilogy of books about film stars. He was described in an obituary as “the most influential writer on film in the world”.

*Obituary: Joseph Mankiewicz, by David Shipman, in The Independent of 22 October 2011:

“…And it was terrible.’ ‘Yeah,’ he replied, ‘I can’t think why Paul (Newman) gets involved in such things. It must be that wife of his. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a nice woman and a good actress, but . . .’

Joseph Leo Mankiewicz, film director, producer, writer, born Wilkes- Barr Pennsylvania 11 February 1909, married 1934 Elizabeth Young (one son; marriage dissolved 1937), 1939 Rosa Stradner (died 1958; two sons), 1962 Rosemary Matthews (one daughter), died Mount Kisco New York 5 February 1993.

…He enjoyed the company of the straight talkers and down-to-earthers, however crude they were. He loathed the hypocrites and the cynics, and didn’t regard himself as hypocritical because he was cynical himself. He was marked out not only for his intellect but for his looks. For his sex appeal. He made no disclaimer about having been the lover of Garland, Loretta Young, Linda Darnell, Joan Crawford (pictured) and doubtless countless others. He said, ‘You can’t believe what it was like. Mind you, it was a convent to what it’s like now.’ But he was proud when he told me that he had never been as happy as with Rosemary, his third, English, wife, the daughter of a chaplain to King George VI…”

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