Baronsfield Road, St Margarets TW1

Above: wall post box from the reign (1901-1910) of Edward VII.

(Historic England): “Boxes from the reign of George V account for about 15% of the total. There are smaller numbers, in descending order, of boxes from the reigns of George VI, Victoria, and Edward VII.”

“From 1857 wall box-type post boxes came into use for fixing into existing walls. In 1859 an improved cylindrical design of pillar box was created for standard use nationwide.”


“The character area takes in a group of residential streets that were primarily developed between the end of the nineteenth century and prior to the First World War.These include Amyand Park Road which runs parallel to the railway line, Beaconsfield Road, Hartington Road, Baronsfield Road, Napoleon Road and part of King’s and Claremont Roads.”

From the website Edith’s Streets:

“Baronsfield Road
In 1263 a group of barons led by Simon de Montfort gathered in Twickenham Park to persuade Henry III to accept the Provisions of Oxford which placed the government in the hands of feudal lords, hence the name.”

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