(Do not confuse one Henry Reed with the other…)

Richard Branson wrote at virgin.com on 15 February 2016:

“Far too many people don’t excel in life because they are too afraid of taking the necessary steps to achieve their dreams. Some manifest fear as a safeguard from failure; others don’t even try, believing that they are restricted by limits; while too many get caught up in the status quo.

Growing up I felt all these pressures, but instead of giving in to them, I decided to ignore them and push the boundaries. Had I not, I would not be where I am today. To inspire you to chase your heart’s desires, here are my top 10 quotes on pushing boundaries…

7. “Dreams have always expanded our understanding of reality by challenging our boundaries of the real, of the possible.” – Henry Reed


Sir Richard (born July 18, 1950, Shamley Green, Surrey, England) ends his piece by asking:

“When have you succeeded by pushing the limits? And what boundaries do you want to break next?”

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