“(nifaq ̳amali) is to do something that is the behavior of hypocrites”*

*from “Prevention of Hypocritical Behavior and Its Perspective in Islamic Education” (2020), Syamsu Nahar, UIN SU Medan, Indonesia.

From: A Fine Balance (1995), by Rohinton Mistry:

“…And they rent to people like you. No harm in it. Empty land sitting useless – if homeless people can live there, what’s wrong?’

On this last night, Nawaz’s relief spurred him to greater generosity. ‘Please eat with me,’ he invited them in. ‘Honour me at least once before you go. Miriam! Three dinners!’

He inquired if they were happy under the back awning. ‘If you prefer, you can sleep indoors. The thing is, that’s where I was going to put you anyway, when you first arrived. But I thought to myself, the house is so cramped and crowded, better outside in the fresh air.’

‘Yes, yes, much better,’ said Ishvar. ‘We have to thank you for your kindness for six months.’

‘Has it really been that long? How fast the time has flown.’

Miriam brought the food to the table and left. Even obscured by the burkha, Ishvar and Omprakash had been able to see her eyes cloud with embarrassment at her husband’s hypocrisy.”


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