Bow Police Station Stables, London

“In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the advertising slogan of White Horse Whisky was “you can take a white horse anywhere”, accompanied by a white horse in various settings, such as a garden party.” (Wikipedia)

From Historic England entry:

“1A, ADDINGTON ROAD Police stables and accommodation, 1937-8, by Gilbert Mackenzie Trench.

In 1938, Bow Police Station became the location for the divisional stables, and accommodation was built for twenty horses to designs by Gilbert Mackenzie Trench, John Dixon Butler’s successor as Metropolitan Police Surveyor. Further accommodation was also provided at that time for married officers.

STABLES & MARRIED ACCOMMODATION: along Addington Road is a separate stable block. The style is pure Moderne in white concrete with the curved corners, horizontal windows and flat roofs characteristic of that style. The building is U-shaped at ground floor with a stable to the rear and two projecting wings containing further stables, tack rooms and other functional spaces. In between the two wings is a central yard with a concrete canopy overhead. The stable is skylit and retains its original stall partitions and floor surfaces. There is also a tall chimney, which originally served the forge. The upper floor, stepped back from the ground floor, comprises two flats for married police officers and is reached by flights of steps, one at each end of the building’s frontage. The plan is clever, ensuring that the different and unrelated functions of stabling horses and accommodating married police officers and their families are kept separate, with individual entrances from the street. The metal windows to the flats have been replaced by plastic frames but those to the stable section survive. There are no original features in the flats. The boundary wall, also in white concrete, is original but the gates are modern.”

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