Holborn Police Station

From London Police Stations (2020), by Eileen Sanderson:

“A purpose-built police station was opened at Gray’s Inn Road in 1898…It was closed down in 1965 when the new Holborn Police Station was opened in nearby Theobalds Road, but reopened temporarily between 1999 and 2002 when Holborn Police Station was refurbished…

The new 1960s Holborn Police Station was 155 feet tall and had a 75 feet wireless mast at the top of it, but the original lamp from Vine Street Police Station hangs outside the station.

…Holborn police station is scheduled to close.”

From Camden.gov.uk:


10  Lambs Conduit Street




101 (Metropolitan Police switchboard)


Borough Police headquarters for Camden. The Borough Commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Tucker is based here. Albany Street Sector Policing Unit is now located at Holborn Police Station and is responsible for the policing of the area south of Delancey Street to the Euston Road…”

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