Parish boundary, and property, markers in Lombard Street, London EC3

From the Know Your London blog:

“…blue and gold oval is a parish marker with initials ‘A L H’ representing ‘All Hallows, Lombard Street’, a church which once stood on the north corner where Lombard Street joins onto Gracechurch Street. The church was demolished in the 19th century…

…The adjacent parish marker (lower right) is inscribed ‘St E K’ standing for ‘St Edmund the King’ a church which still stands in Lombard Street…

…The property mark on the far left is the arms of the Fishmongers’ Company. It indicates that, when the building was erected, the land was owned by their company…

Above the small oval marker (on the right) is a second property marker. It is square with a circle on it. Around the circle is inscribed ‘Haberdashers’ Company’…”

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