The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm

From: Cathedrals of Steam (2020), by Christian Wolmar:

“The ever-expanding yard was redesigned twice in the middle of the century with a new goods shed and offices, and in 1866 a locomotive shed that could accommodate 100 locomotives was completed. By then Camden had become a major transport hub that despatched thirty goods trains northwards daily.

The most famous of the early buildings was the Roundhouse,
completed in 1847 as a shed for locomotives with a thirty-six-foot
turntable in the middle. It could house twenty-three locomotives
but survived less than a decade in its original function owing to a
major remodelling of the Camden goods yard that left it without
easy access from the tracks. It was turned into a grain and potato
store in the 186os and then for almost a century became a bonded
warehouse for Scottish whisky brought from the Highlands by W.
& A. Gilbey. Its transformation into an iconic concert venue lasted
between 1966 and 1983, but happily, after nearly two decades of
virtual abandonment, it was renovated in 2004 and is now a theatre and entertainment venue with a capacity of 3,300, a demonstration of its scale. The yard in Camden was built with a series of vaults and catacombs underneath, used for stables and general stores, and later as coal and wine storage. It is now home to parts of Camden Market, a tourist hotspot.”

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