The White Swan, Riverside, Twickenham TW1

Riverside, Twickenham TW1


“A Grade II-listed building and award-winning traditional pub (built around 1690). Entry is via steps leading up to the first floor where the bar has real fires and walls covered with rugby and other memorabilia. A small veranda/balcony, and a triclinium (three-sided room with window seats) afford views of the river and Eel Pie Island. Directly opposite there is a larger beer garden (Sometimes, at high tide, the garden is IN the river!), right on the water’s edge. Quiz night every Wednesday from September to April at 8pm.”

Barbara F. McManus posted at

“The triclinium was named after the three couches typically found in the dining rooms of upper-class Romans. The lectus, or couch, was an all-purpose piece of furniture. Usually made of wood with bronze adornments, the open bottom was crisscrossed with leather straps, which supported stuffed cushions.

Different sizes and shapes of lecti were used for sleeping, conversing, and dining. A chair with a back (cathedra), for example, was considered suitable only for women or old men. Dining couches were fairly wide, for each couch held three diners, who reclined on their left side resting on large cushions while slaves served them multi-course meals. 

To find out more about the dining arrangements of wealthy Romans, read Pedar Foss’s “Age, Gender, and Status Divisions at Mealtimes in the Roman House,” complete with a diagram of a typical seating plan for the three couches. Dining rooms, like other rooms in the Roman house, often had beautifully painted walls.”

“York House stands well back from the road with gardens to the east and south linked to its riverside garden by an elegant stone bridge.” (Richmond Council)

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