Rathbone Place, London W1

From a Draft Chapter 31 of the Survey of London:

“…When begun in 1716, Rathbone Place was the first speculative street development anywhere in Marylebone, anticipating by a few years the grander building programmes to the west on the Cavendish–Harley (now Howard de Walden) estate. It owed its origins to earlier developments across Oxford Street in Soho, of which it was, in essence, a northwards extension, continuing the line of Charles (now Soho) Street out of Soho Square…

The crossroads at the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road is an historic junction, where four parishes met…

Continuing the line of present-day Soho Street, Rathbone Place ran north-east of Oxford Street between the houses of Thomas Rathbone, to the west, and his son, Dr John Rathbone, to the east. Two brick houses with 20ft frontages were built on the west side of the new street in 1716, and in the following year Richard Townsend, a blacksmith, took a building lease of 120ft frontage on the east side, at the south end, where over the next six years he built Nos 1–5. A plaque, reset on the bank at 52 Oxford Street that replaced 1–2 Rathbone Place in 1864 when the road was widened at this end, is inscribed ‘RATHBONES PLACE IN OXFORD STREET 1718’…”

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