Fulham Palace Road, London W6

From a Conservation Report by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham:

“5.53 This sub-area forms the eastern boundary to the northern part of the conservation area. It is characterised by the mixed use of office, retail and residential. It is noticeably noisier than the main body of the conservation area, as is the nature of a major road. Fulham Palace Road is the main connection north/south between Hamersmith and Putney.

5.54 Brandenburgh House is a former Nurses’ Home, No. 116 Fulham Palace Road, and is listed Grade 11. Built in 1905, it was designed by A Saxon Snell.


There is a pedestrian tunnel running under Fulham Palace Road that previously linked the property with the Charing Cross Hospital site. Built of brick it has roughcast to the second floor and pediment and a slate roof with heavy bracketed eaves and irregular chimneys. The first and second floor windows are timber sashes and there are timber mullion and transom casements to the ground floor.

5.55 Keir Hardie House to the south is a five storey block of flats with the Fulham Coat of arms at first floor level. It retains the original railings to the boundary and balconies.

5.57 The Melcombe Primary and Mints’ School (Grade 11) in Fulham Palace Road was designed by T J Bailey in 1901 and is an example of Bailey’s late school work. It is of red brick, buff terracotta and has a red tiled roof It is unusually elaborate and well preserved with the centre block flanked by square towers with pyramidal roofs. There is an unfortunate modern extension though this has caused limited physical damage to the main building. The LCC Coat of Arms and the inscription ‘Fulham Palace Road School AD1901’ can be found on the front elevation (see main image). It is of landmark quality and is evident in views along Fulham Palace Road and northward from Rosedew Road.”

Schoolkeeper’s House, Melcombe Primary School, 160 Fulham Palace Road, London W6
Victorian postbox in Fulham Palace Road.

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