“This strutting hydra of a lamp stands guard over (and acts as a ventilation pipe for) Tooting Broadway tube station.”*


Tommy Joyce reported for Tooting Nub News on 4th January 2022:

“A project initiated by Wandsworth Council will give a new lease of life to the gas lamps in Tooting Broadway.

The gas lamps have stood in Tooting Broadway since the early 19th century, during which time they have grown to be one of Tooting’s most prominent and historic landmarks.

Before the advent of electricity, gas lamps provided the earliest form of street lighting in London.

There are still around 1,500 functioning examples in London, with Birdcage Walk near Buckingham Palace entirely lit by gas lamps.

Virtually all have been awarded listed building status, including the gas lamps in Tooting Broadway which are Grade II listed.

Formed by a cluster of five ornate lamps, the cast iron supporting structure also serves as a four-way signpost guiding people towards Wimbledon, Croydon, Wandsworth and central London.

Tooting Broadway’s imposing statue of King Edward VII once stood next to the lamps in the middle of Mitcham Road until it was moved some years ago to the pavement directly outside the tube station entrance.”

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