Cabmen’s shelter, Thurloe Place, London SW7

Above :(The London Wanderer) “Thurloe Place shelter, just in front of the Victoria & Albert Museum, is not called the obvious V&A, but the Bell and Horns after a large pub situated close by, demolished more than a century ago.”

Perry Richardson reported for TaxiPoint on May 18, 2021:

“A Grade II listed Cab Shelter was heavily damaged by a vehicle crashing into the iconic building located in central London.

The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday 16 May in Kensington. Images and videos of the green hut eatery situated in the middle of South Kensington’s Thurloe Place shows damage to the east face of the building.

David Fletcher, a London based video game artist, captured the extent of the damage using a 3D digital model.

Thurloe Place Cabmen’s Shelter Damaged by artfletch on Sketchfab

The shelter was built as part of the Cabmen’s Shelter Fund set up in the capital in 1875 to provide warm places to rest for the drivers of Hansom cabs and then later hackney carriages.

These shelters were dotted around London. The small green huts, which were not allowed to be bigger than a horse and cart, still stand on the public highway to provide meals to working cabbies and now also to the general public via the kitchen hatch.

Between 1875 and 1914, 61 of these buildings were built around London, today only 13 Grade II listed shelters remain.

TaxiPoint has contacted the Metropolitan Police for further details.”

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