“Diversity is about all of us and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.”*

*Jacqueline Woodson, American writer of books for children and adolescents.

From the website of the Royal Society:

“Biodiversity matters. At its simplest, biodiversity is about living nature or life on Earth – different genes, species and ecologies and, as a consequence, the varying landscapes, regions and habitats in which they exist.

Biodiversity provides food, water and shelter; influences climate; controls disease; and regulates nutrient and water cycles. Biodiversity is integral to spiritual, cultural, psychological and artistic well-being. Biodiversity also has its own intrinsic worth distinct from human life. Humans are embedded in the natural world, and so are a part of biodiversity.

Today, however, the Earth is losing biodiversity at rates not seen in the modern era. Human responses to stop biodiversity decline have been woefully inadequate – with targets missed at both the international and national levels. 

The Royal Society has produced a range of resources to help stimulate debate among policy makers and the public:

  • Our short film, Why do we need nature? is voiced by Sir David Attenborough and explores some of the key themes on biodiversity loss
  • Our Q&A looks at some of the most commonly asked questions about biodiversity and draws on the expertise of our Fellows to answer them as accurately and dispassionately as possible
  • To strengthen the scientific evidence base on biodiversity and make this available to policymakers, the Royal Society has commissioned a series of essays from global experts in fields as diverse as conservation, ecology, environmental change, economics and population.”

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