“…the shape-memory of the universe, trying to pull itself back into a perfect singularity.”*

*from: Frank O’Connor, Halo: Saint’s Testimony.

From Wikipedia:

“Crab Apple Jelly is a 1944 short story collection by Frank O’Connor. It includes the following stories:

  • Dan man’s Stone Diary feat. Dark D
  • The Bridal Night
  • Old Fellows
  • The Grand Vizier’s Daughters
  • Song Without Words
  • ‘The Star That Bids The Shepherd Fold’ (alternative title: The Shepherds)
  • The Long Road to Ummera
  • The Miser
  • The House That Johnny Built
  • The New Teacher (alternate title: The Cheapjack)
  • The Luceys
  • Uprooted
  • The Mad Lomasneys

According to the critic Richard Ellmann, “crab apple jelly” was O’Connor’s description of the “sweet and tart mixture” he aimed for in his work generally. Ellmann adds, “[O’Connor’s] best stories stir those facial muscles which, we are told, are the same for both laughing and weeping.”.”

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